A CHARITY has hailed the success of a scheme it launched one year ago to cut down on numbers of unwanted cats and kittens in Keighley district.

Keighley Cat Care launched its assisted neutering initiative last August to help people who could not otherwise afford to have their pets neutered.

Owners struggling to pay the full amount usually needed for the procedure could first approach the charity, then have the operation carried out at one of Aireworth Vet's branches, in return for giving a minimum £5 donation.

Since the start of the scheme the minimum donation has risen to £20, but the charity says this is still a big saving on the usual costs of this procedure.

As well as Aireworth Vets, White Cross Vets in Eccleshill, Bradford, is also signed up to the initiative.

Trish Armistead, a Keighley Cat Care volunteer, said: "Our assisted neutering scheme to July has had 370 cats through it. We are really proud of what we have achieved. At present we've had to increase the minimum donation to £20, whilst we fundraise to top up the money again.

"We're thrilled to bits with how the assisted neutering has gone so far. It had a bit of a slow start, but it has really taken off, and it will continue."