BOLTON band Jordan Allen will play Bingley Music Live on Friday, August 31.

The band have already played festivals at Sheffield and Kendal and can be seen in Preston and Doncaster before the end of the summer.

They are touring on the back of their latest single, the “ambitious and accomplished” Synchronised.

A band spokesman said: “Jordan embraces his inner Brian Cox and reaches for the heavens with this astronomical and anthemic new single.

”With eyes firmly fixed on the horizon, ‘Synchronised’ is a daring departure that sees the four-piece take a running jump out of their comfort zone and leap with two feet forward into the future.”

Jordan Allen received a whirlwind of national radio acclaim for hit singles ‘R.O.S.I.E’ and ‘110 Ways’, and filled headline shows across the UK.

Jordan himself returned to studies at university in Leeds, but found himself increasingly distracted by events when he tried to write new songs and continue playing.

He said: “When I’m not writing, I get quite down. It’s the only way I really get my emotion out, I started to miss my Dad, and question if everything was going the way I’d first hoped.

“I realised that I wrote my best material when I embraced chaos. I had to forget about everything else, regain my focus and do something that people may not expect from us musically.”

‘R.O.S.I.E.’ had provided the band with one of the most euphoric and best-loved sing-a-longs of their catalogue.

Jordan said Synchronised was quite different, with glistening reverb-washed guitars, powerful vocal hooks and introspective lyricism are all designed to shatter the expectations of fans.