KEIGHLEY people are being urged to learn the symptoms of leukaemia.

The plea has been issued by Leukaemia Care to coincide with Blood Cancer Awareness Month.

The charity says signs of the cancer can be difficult to spot, because they are also common to other unrelated illnesses.

Most frequent symptoms experienced by patients prior to diagnosis are fatigue, bruising or bleeding, bone/joint pain, fever or night sweats, sleeping problems and shortness of breath.

A spokesman said: “Our campaign seeks to raise awareness of what leukaemia is, the signs to spot and who can be affected.

“We want to equip people to recognise the symptoms and urge them to visit their GP if they have any concerns. Early diagnosis saves lives and improves outcomes.”

Leukaemia starts in blood-forming tissue, usually the bone marrow.

It leads to the over-production of abnormal white blood cells, the part of the immune system which defends the body against infection.

Latest figures show that an average of 27 people a day are diagnosed with leukaemia.

Free symptoms cards are available from Leukaemia Care.

For more details, visit

Further information about the campaign can also be found on social media by searching #SpotLeukaemia.