AN Oxenhope farm’s wind turbine was damaged by someone who tried to climb up it.

The offence was revealed at the latest meeting of Oxenhope Parish Council by Councillor Robert Goulding, who owns Old Oxenhope Farm.

He said he reported the incident to the police, noting that the perpetrator had damaged the turbine’s control box.

Commenting after yesterday evening's (Sept 12) meeting, he added he did not believe the damage at his farm had been inflicted maliciously.

“They left behind a rope which they’d used to reach a ladder higher up,” he said.

“It’s only about £30 worth of damage and the turbine still works. But I don’t know why anyone would do this.

“All I can assume is that someone wanted to climb up there to see what the view is like from the top. But it’s not a very sensible thing to do.”