THE latest raft of measures intended by Bradford Council to ease congestion in central Keighley have been completed.

The council confirmed a total of 13 “quick fixes”, together with medium-term solutions, for roads in the town centre have been finished and are being monitored to assess their effectiveness.

A spokesman for the council said: “The medium term works have been completed and we have no more immediate plans.

“However, there are still areas which require improvements and these would be subject to funding.

“Improvements to the yellow box junction outside Keighley Fire Station will depend on decisions on the station’s future.

“The 13 quick fixes and medium term works were in lieu of a one way scheme.

“We are looking at what further transport schemes could be delivered in and around Keighley, however these are all subject to identifying funding.”

Keighley Central ward councillor Abid Hussain gave a mixed response to the traffic alleviation scheme’s impact.

He said it was now easier for motorists wanting to turn from North Street into Cavendish Street. And he welcomed what he said were plans to instal speed cameras in North Street.

But he added the new one-way system for Albert Street was proving very unpopular.

It means people driving down this street from Highfield Lane can no longer continue straight on into North Street.

Cllr Hussain said: “This is a big issue within the community. I’ve had so many people complaining to me.

“All it’s doing is causing traffic problems in Devonshire Street and Mornington Street, because people can’t get into North Street via Highfield Lane anymore.

“People are having to turn off at Scott Street, which is now a very dangerous junction with people often driving over the pavement.

“This has been raised with Bradford Council Highways, and we need that location put back to how it was.”

Earlier this year, the district council said it was aware of concerns about the North Street/Albert Street junction, so would be conducting a new traffic survey and a review of road markings and signs at this spot.

Cllr Michael Westerman, chairman of Keighley Town Council’s watch and transport committee, said he did not think the anti-congestion measures had reduced traffic jams in the town centre.

“Until they sort out the bottleneck at the High Street roundabout we’re still going to have problems,” he said.

“They can alleviate this by putting in traffic lights at the bottom of West Lane.

Cllr Westerman said he also wanted to see better enforcement of parking restrictions in North Street.