OCTOBER is finally here and not only does this mean that autumn is here, it also means we’re in pudding season.

The leaves are falling from the trees, we are finally (but reluctantly) digging out our coats, and we are saying goodbye to light summer meals in favour of hearty, warming food - and there is definitely room for dessert.

In Italy, October is full of festivals and traditions, many of which are different to the ones celebrated here in the UK.

Halloween, for example, is not really celebrated in Italy like it is here. Although increasing in popularity in the bigger cities, Italians are more likely to observe All Saints Eve - the day before All Saints Day, which is on the November 1.

On All Saints Day, Italians spend time with their families, exchange gifts, and - of course - we eat, although culinary traditions do differ between regions.

Another big October celebration – one that is about as Italian as it can get – is World Pasta Day, which is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in October.

The first World Pasta Day was held in Naples in 1998. Since then, this event has been held every year, not only moving around to different locations in Italy, but branching out around the world.

This year, World Pasta Day falls on October 25, and will actually be held in Dubai.

There are several different food fairs and festivals held in Italy in October, meaning there is bound to be something for everyone.

The month of October plays host to the Alba White Truffle Festival. Held in the region of Piedmont, the festival features fine wines, white truffles and much more to tempt the taste buds.

At this month-long festival, held in the northern Italian city of Alba, you can observe medieval activities complete with traditional dress, watch donkey races, visit special art and music events, watch while people bid on the very expensive white truffles, and even indulge in truffle tasting yourself – one of Italy’s most prized foods.

October also plays host to Boccaccesca, a gastronomic fair held in Certaldo Alto, Tuscany. During the fair, visitors can sample fine wines from the region, such as Chianti Classico or Brunello of Montalcino.

The fair also boasts food stalls, featuring some of the finest food to originate in Tuscany.

Autumn is an amazing time to visit Tuscany, with the summer tourist crowds gone for the year, and with the harvests at their peak – the Boccaccesca fair is merely the icing on the cake.

Finally, speaking of sweet things, perhaps the most tempting food festival of all is Eurochocolate. An absolute dream for chocolate lovers, the large festival, which takes place Perugia, celebrates all things chocolate.

Perugia is where Italian chocolates, Baci, come from. Visitors can not only expect chocolate tasting and workshops dedicated to the sweet treat, but there will also be music and wine tasting – this is Italy, after all.

Talking about the chocolate festival has inspired me to share a sweet recipe with you this week. I wanted something delicious, something fun to make, something quintessentially Italian – something with a little chocolate.

Cannoli are delicious deep-fried pastry tubes, filled with sweet cheese. Here’s how you can make your own at home.

You will need cannoli tubes, which can be easily bought online – and they are well worth picking up, because once you try these sweet treats, you’ll definitely want to make them again and again.