For the cannoli tubes

150g plain flour.

1tbs golden caster sugar

1 pinch bicarbonate of soda

½ tsp cinnamon

30g butter

1 egg

50ml white wine

Sunflower oil for deep-frying

50g dark chocolate

Icing sugar, to dust


For the filling

250g ricotta cheese

100g mascarpone

2tbs candied orange peel

2 tbs icing sugar


1. Add the flour, sugar, and bicarbonate of soda to a bowl along with a pinch of salt. Add the butter to the bowl and rub the ingredients together with your fingertips until all lumps are removed.

2. Separate the egg and add the yolk and the wine to the bowl, before mixing everything together to create a smooth dough. Wrap the dough and leave it to rest in the fridge until you are ready to use it.

3. Cut the dough into easy to work with chunks, rolling each one as thin as possible – you can use a pasta machine if you have one.

4. Fill a deep-fat fryer or large saucepan a third of the way with oil. Heat the oil, keeping a close eye on it, until it reaches 180C.

5. Lay the dough flat on a lightly floured surface and cut out circles roughly 10cm wide. Wrap each one around a cannoli tube, using a little left-over egg white to stick it shut.

6. Deep-fry the cannoli – this should take up to one minute. They will look golden brown when they are cooked thoroughly. Use tongs to remove the cannoli from the oil and gently shake off the cannoli tube.

7. Once the cannoli are cooled, dip the ends in melted chocolate and leave them to harden.

8. Beat the mascarpone and ricotta before stirring in the sugar and finely chopped candied peel. Pipe the mixture inside the cannoli and serve.