A new 12-week programme in Keighley aims to help people heal depression naturally.

John Drury, Sarah Jane Fortune and Sharon Thomas are uniting to teach the six-step course, entitled Let It Be in recognition of ‘acceptance’ being a first step to dealing with depression.

Between them the therapists have professional backgrounds in social work, mindfulness, yoga, reflexology and holistic therapies.

John said: “The programme works on the understanding that many of our modern-day illnesses, including depression, are caused by inflammation in the body due to our modern diet, and other factors relating to the way we live now.

“By imitating some of the things that our forbears did in terms of food, exercise, sleep and getting out into nature, we can start to recover our sense of wellbeing.”

The first course will run at the Yoga Wellbeing Lounge on East Parade on Monday evenings from October 22 (7pm to 9.30pm).

There will be 26-week blocks separated by Christmas. The courses offered on a donation basis, but participants will be expected to spend around £50 on Omega 3 and other supplements over the duration of the course.

The course is open to anyone aged 18 to 50, who can book a place on the introductory evening, Friday October 12 from 6pm to 7pm. Call 01535 930362 visit the Wellbeing Lounge page on Facebook.