A CHOIR specialising in performing modern music has been drafted into boost a major ongoing project to renovate Haworth Parish Church.

The Friends of the Brontes' Church support group has linked up with the Keighley-based Rock Choir, which will hold a concert at the church on Friday November 9.

The Rock Choir impressed members of the church's Friends organisation when it performed at a wedding of two church members early in August.

Peter Breed, chairman of the Friends of the Brontes’ Church, explained: “The choir created such an amazing atmosphere for the wedding that we asked them whether they'd be interested in staging a concert for us.

“We were delighted when they agreed to help us, as it will be an opportunity to hear modern, popular music performed in church.

“Now that the building has been totally re-roofed, our electrical wiring also needs to be replaced and we’d like to use the opportunity to improve the lighting and refurbish the Victorian wall paintings if funds allow.

“This work is expected to cost in excess of £100,000. If we succeed in completing the work it will give Haworth a church fit to serve generations to come.”

Rebecca Frodsham, conductor of the Rock Choir, said: “We’re really excited to be performing in Haworth Church only a few metres away from the grave of the Bronte family.

“It’s a pleasure to help the church raise money by doing something we enjoy.

“Rock Choirs have been in existence for 10 years, and it’s a great opportunity for us to show more people a way in which live-performance modern popular music can be enjoyed.”

Tickets for the performance cost £5 and can be bought at the concert or by calling 07775 762890.