CATHERINE Inglis demonstrated a pastoral seascape to Keighley Art Club. This scene features on her publicity material, and she repeated it as a presenter-artist at Ilkley Art Show for two days in August.

Catherine’s most recent success was to have full-length portrait of saxophonist Simon Lister Cunliffe accepted for an exhibition at London’s The Mall. A former member of staff at Airedale Hospital, she moved to the York area with her husband and now runs workshops and demonstrations.

Cath began using pastels for their texture and vibrancy, which reflected in her work. She found watercolours frustrating. The seascape was painted on to black sandpaper to show the colours more. For the initial outline she recommends using pastel to avoid graphite showing through.

The ‘three grid landscape’ rule was described, with the focal point appearing anywhere the grids cross. The horizon can be changed to suit the composition.

The heel of Catherine’s hand smears and smooths the spread pastel, catching a loose pigment in foil angles from the bottom of her easel to create a shelf.

Unexpected colours are often added randomly such as red and purple in distant cliffs. Layers are then worked on, once the first rough layer is ready. Blending sticks are not Cath’s preferred method, but they always keep your fingers clean.

Another of her tips was to apply pastel in different thicknesses to give more depth as layers are added, by pressing on the pastel stick. Working from dark to light makes a 3D effect, and shadows are added under areas opposite the direction of light.

Cath accepts commissions. Her ‘ Grooming Hare’ won the Frank Herring Award at the 150th annual exhibition of The Society of Women Artists. In 2014 she won the Windsor and Newton Fine Art Award.

Keighley Art Club worked through the summer weeks when four new members began to attend. We hope these people continue to see as they are most welcome.

The opening at Cliffe Castle Museum of our art exhibition is on March 2 from 1.30pm. Members of Keighley Art Club and Bingley Art Societ y with Cliffe Castle’s Ellen Wright will be there to discuss the original artworks from both groups.

Paintings can be bought, and 30per cent of proceeds from sales are given to Cliffe Castle or a donation put into the mouth of the bear downstairs.

The beautiful upstairs gallery is allocated to members’ paintings until the end of the exhibition on April 22. Disabled people can view the varied works on video permanent art exhibition area downstairs.

The museum is open every day but Mondays. A limited preview of works appear on Keighley Art Club meets every week except in December and January. See our Facebook page, or call 01535 669914. The Bingley contact is 01535 663450.