COMMON land in Oxenhope is being damaged by increasing numbers of off-road vehicles being driven onto it, according to an e-mail sent to parish councillors.

Oxenhope Parish councillors received the e-mail from a member of the public warning them about problems at Yorkshire Water-owned Delf Hill, at the top of Bodkin Lane.

The e-mail also mentions this area has begun to attract fly-tippers, and suggests installing fencing and planting trees – while maintaining public pedestrian access – as one way of deterring inappropriate use of the site.

Cllr Peter McManus responded: “The land probably does need secure fencing so off-road vehicles can’t get onto it.

“It may be worth approaching Yorkshire Water because they are very health and safety conscious. They do own most of the moors around here.”

The parish council agreed to contact the utility company to explore what measures can be put in place to protect the common.