THE WIVES of dead gangsters team up to carry out the heist their husbands planned in the new film Widows.

The drama, which transplants Lynda LaPlante’s crime novel to the USA, will be screened by Keighley Film Club on January 20 at 6pm.

The Picture House will host a screening what has been praised by critics as “a truly sophisticated action film” and a “gritty romp”.

Widows begins with the four gang leaders ambushed and killed during a robbery planned to raise £2 million to pay off a debt owed to a Mafia boss.

The debt doesn’t lapse with the deaths, so the wives have to raise the money themselves.

Film Club spokesman Alan Watkinson said: “Behaviour includes cross and double-cross in this entertaining thriller, and it has intelligent commentary on race, gender and class.

“It is the first film directed by Steve McQueen since 12 Years As A Slave in 2013 and is said to have his depth and dashing camera work.”

“When it was premiered at the Toronto Film Festival it received praise for its direction, screenplay and performances.

“Reviewers commented on its appeal – one said it offered everything adults used to love about the cinema, while another said it would attract fans of the “slow burn” approach that wanted a film exquisitely made and acted.”

The film stars Liam Neeson, Colin Farrell, Elizabeth Debicki, Viola Davis, Cynthia Envio and Michelle Rodrigiez.

The composer is Hans Zimmer who worked on the score of the original 1983 British TV version of Widows.