1kg red chilies

7 cloves of garlic

50g caster sugar

1 tablespoon salt

150ml rice wine vinegar


1. With your gloves on, add the chilis to the food processor along with the peeled garlic, salt, sugar and 125ml of water, and blitz until very smooth.

2. Pour the mixture into a clean jar ensuring it has plenty of room, as it can become pretty lively once it starts to ferment. Cover with a muslin cloth or a clean tea towel, and secure with string or an elastic band.

3. Leave the mixture at room temperature for 5-7 days. You should see the mixture start to bubble after 2-3 days.

4. Add the vinegar to the mixture and let’s again in the food processor.

5. Strain the mixture through a fine sieve into a pan, pressing down with a spoon or ladle to ensure all the liquid is pressed out.

6. Put the pan on high heat and bring mixture to the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 30 min or so until it reaches a sauce-like consistency.

7. Leave the mixture to cool before bottling. Store in the fridge.

Vegan mayo


220g sunflower oil

120ml unsweetened soy milk

2 tablespoon white wine vinegar

1 pinch of salt


1. Have your oil and soy milk at room temperature.

2. Put the soy milk, vinegar and salt into a small metal bowl .

3. Pour and begin to whisk the oil gradually into the soy milk and vinegar mixture until an emulsion is formed, so the mixture has become one rather than some soy milk with a pool of oil in it!

4. If the mixture is too thick you can add more soy milk.

5. Add some more salt if you like.

6. Add some of your homemade Sriracha and give yourself a pat on the back!