CHANGES in recent years to staffing and refurbishment at Cliffe Castle Museum have affected our events and exhibitions there.

Known at one time as Cliffe Castle Museum and Art Gallery, it is not clear when the building shortened its name.

The changes for the shared exhibition which is traditional between Keighley Art Club and Bingley Art Society reflect the progression in time and the need for maximising space and efficiency.

Internal works mean that the downstairs gallery is now a permanent display feature, with paintings from museum collections.

This results in schools, artists and the Bingley/Keighley clubs having to exhibit in the conservatory, breakfast room and the upstairs gallery, half of which has another permanent display.

Downstairs, a video screen can be accessed for disabled people or others who want to see the paintings displayed upstairs. Disabled access is via the conservatory but a lift is not installed in view of the building’s historic nature.

When we hold our exhibition of Keighley Art Club and Bingley Art Society, for the third time it is hoped Keighley’s mayor will officially open the event on March 2 at 1pm.

Finishing on April 21, the free-to-view exhibition has been hung and presented by the museum staff. The method of hanging changed when Kirsty Gaskin moved from the Manor House in Ilkley.

Our paintings are sorted into subjects such as landscapes, animals, flora or portraits, and grouped accordingly. Larger paintings can no longer be hung due to our limited space.

Kirsty and her assistant Ellen Wright have moved exhibitions into the current century with coverage on social media. Taster works appear on the Cliffe Castle website and Facebook page.

The current publicity flyer card has also enjoyed a revamp. Smaller, but showing six paintings on the front, it gives a feel for the hard work of the artists.

Some paintings are now accepted on canvas with a wooden frame or even textile images, as well as traditional framing, to reflect the way art is presented in homes, for those who might wish to buy original artworks.

Last year no catalogue was produced. However name blocks, titles, media and prices appear next to each entry, for the viewers’ benefit.

Historic paintings by Joe Pighills, WC Butterfield, Sunderland and others can be seen around the other side of the corridor, and are now lit up for viewing. Other pictures appear among artefacts downstairs.

Bingley Art Society and Keighley Art Club hope that you will visit and enjoy our 2019 shared exhibition, plus all the new facilities in the park.

Contact Bingley Arts Society on 01535 663450 or Keighley Art Club on 01535 669914, with membership or other enquiries.