FLY-TIPPERS have come under fire for dumping rubbish in a country lane near Denholme.

The dozen or more black plastic sacks of waste were dumped in Whalley Lane.

According to villager David Lightfoot, who sent in the picture, fly-tippers regularly dump their rubbish in the lay-by near the Doe Park reservoir.

In an impassioned plea, he called on the dumpers to take their rubbish to one of Bradford Council’s household waste recycling centres instead of littering the countryside.

He said: “Please find attached a picture of the latest example of the acts of total morons.

“Those from the locality will no doubt recognise it as Whalley Lane in the village of Denholme.

“Those locals will no doubt tell you that this is a regular occurrence in the area and we are fed up with this sort of anti-social behaviour in our village.

“Do us all a favour and dump elsewhere preferably at one of the many waste transfer stations in this area of Bradford. There are four within four miles of the village.”

Mr Lightfoot said items dumped in the lay-by have ranged from furniture and household waste to burnt-out stolen cars.

Bradford Council is looking at new ways of tackling fly-tipping across the district.

Innovative measures could include instructing drive-through takeaway restaurants to print car registration numbers on their packaging, and carrying out door-to-door enquiries to find culprits.

From April, the council will be cutting around £1 million from its street cleaning budget, leading to 28 staff and five mechanical sweepers being lost.

There will be a push to change people’s behaviour so they are less likely to drop litter in the first place. And the drive will include new efforts to reduce the amount of takeaway litter like polystyrene boxes and plastic cutlery, that ends up on the district’s streets.