FORMER Keighley man Terry Cavender became used to writing about the past when he compiled his memoirs.

The former army officer turned to fiction, and he is continuing to write about times gone by in his latest novel Breaking the 4th Dimension.

Many times, in fact, as retired policeman Graham St Anier and his team of adventurers travel through the ages meeting historical figures like Henry VIII, Adolf Hitler and Louis XVI of France.

The team seek out hidden treasure in Beverley – where Terry has lived for several years – and more exotic locations like Paris, Amsterdam and Austria.

Terry had a successful 30-year career in the British Army before spending 18 years with the Ministry of Defence, most recently as a Media Operations Officer.

Over the years he has written, produced and directed several stage plays, films, pantomimes, and radio plays and now concentrates on writing fiction.

Terry, born in 1947, started his new career as a published writer by penning the memoir A Boy From Nowhere featuring several chapters covering formative years in his birth town of Keighley.

From this “gritty Northern mill town” he left home in 1963 to join the Junior Leaders Battalion of the Royal Army Service Core as a junior private.

Over the next 30 years he was promoted through the ranks, finally leaving the army in 1993 as a major.

After leaving the army Terry worked at the Defence School of Transport in East Yorkshire.

While in the army and civil service he met former Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden, Enoch Powell, Harry Secombe, Barbara Windsor, Jeremy Kyle, the “odious” Jimmy Savile and key members of the Royal Family.

Terry said these figures were in his book, “warts and all”, along with stories of his own involvement with the world of entertainment.

Terry more recently wrote several books of whimsical fiction entitled Tall Tales.

Breaking the 4th Dimension is available on Amazon.