REGARDING the story, 'Forget the shops! Let's have some new homes' (Keighley News, February 28), at last someone has heard my voice.

For years I have said the derelict site in East Parade should be used for housing, preferably reasonably priced.

I don't know anyone who thought the original plan was a good one. It's obvious to most people who live here that we don't need more shops, restaurants or a cinema.

Whoever dreamed-up that scheme must come from another planet, as we can see more empty and derelict shops than you can count, even in our main shopping centre, not to mention the plethora of eating places.

Too many building developments are aiming "up market" where high profits can be made, but only a few people can afford to buy.

Is it any surprise businesses cannot be attracted to Keighley when businessmen see how scruffy the place is?