THE patronising waffle that comes out of the mouths of babes.

That is what I thought of Luke Maunsell, writing on Bradford Council’s budget debate – Opposition need to grasp reality (Keighley News, February 28).

No matter what anyone says, the only way that Keighley may prosper is to get away from the clutches of Bradford.

A long-established MP, Philip Davies, of Shipley, has long been an advocate of getting away from a council that only uses the outlying towns and villages as a cash cow for Bradford.

A new council, the Aire Valley Council, could be formed, which would distribute funds fairly.

Tourists come to the area to visit outstanding beautiful countryside and villages, not the grime and pollution of Bradford.

People living in the new Aire Valley would make their own decisions as to where to build and prosper – not pick-up the dregs of Bradford.


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