A HISTORIC recording by Steeton Male Voice Choir dating back to the early 1980s has been uncovered.

Members are now seeking information about the recording of the cassette tape by the choir when it was known as Steeton Male Glee Union.

The tape, which appears to have a song about Keighley Rugby League Club, was recently handed to Len Wilson, the choir’s president and one of its longest-serving members.

Choir spokesman Eric Parker said members wanted to know the precise time period in which the tape was recorded, and if anyone had the words and music.

He said: “The announcer gives the credit for these to Eddy Ogden and George Fenton, and they were are sung by Steeton Male Glee Union.

“The recording must have been made prior to 1984 which was the time the choir changed its name from Steeton Male Glee Union to Steeton Male Voice Choir.

“The song itself has a catchy tune and the lyrics would appear to be the battle cry of its time. It is good to have a soundtrack going back 40 years and better if we can link it with what was happening with Keighley Rugby League Club at that time.”

Anyone with information should contact Mr Parker on 01274 598221.

Steeton Male Voice Choir will perform its Spring Concert with the Sultans of Swing at St Peter posses church, Shipley, on Saturday, March 30 at 7.30pm.

Tickets can be bought for £8 by calling Mr Parker.