I VISITED Haworth on a trip out to eat out with my daughter and fiancé. On arriving in Haworth – from the Lake District – I needed to use the gents in the Bronte Parsonage Museum Car Park.

At least they were open, but that's the best that can be said about them. They were disgusting and certainly not an advert for visitors to the town.

The main reason for writing this letter is that Haworth, I would imagine, relies greatly on tourism income and will gladly take that income and the parking revenue, whilst not giving a jot about basic provision of a decent public toilet for the people providing that income.

Surely in this age we could expect to have a decent place to go to the toilet when visiting places such as Haworth? Somewhere which looks like it is cleaned regularly and maintained properly.

Come on Haworth, get your act together!



*Councillor David Mahon, chairman of Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish Council, responds: "The parish council took over the running of the two sets of public toilets in Haworth from Bradford Council when they decided to close them in April 2018.

"Due to lack of spending and maintenance on the toilets over a number of years both sets will require large sums of money spending on them.

"Although Bradford agreed to repair a major fault at Haworth Central Park toilets they stated they had no funds to spend on the museum car park block.

"The parish council is fully aware of the state of the car park toilets and has a business plan to improve them over the next few years. This will include trying to find grants to refurbish the gents.

"As Haworth is a tourist location the parish council realised the importance of keeping the public toilets open.

"Tourist locations require toilets. Take China, which has opened 68,000 public toilets in the last four years with thousands more planned by 2020. ( Sky News) They realise the importance of modern, clean toilets especially in tourist locations.

"If we compare the UK, we have seen a reduction of 600 in the last eight years.

"For a small parish council it has been a challenge to run the public toilets for the past year and we are making every effort to improve them in time. Finally, I would like to say the toilets are

cleaned everyday and every six months given a deep clean."