KEIGHLEY people can join in the creation of a sculpture in Bradford based on Mexico’s Day of the Dead.

Leeds artist Ellie Harrison and Mexican artists will be in the city on April 30 to work on the structure as part of her Grief Series.

Elly has produced six previous works as part of her Grief Series over a decade and taken these projects to other countries.

Grief Series 7: All That Lives will involve creating shrines to commemorate the dead in Leeds and Bradford.

Spokesman Anna Goodman said: “The idea is that this sculpture can be added to by the public, a bit like a Christmas tree.

“This can be done from May 1-3 of May by dropping in to Cecil Green Arts Space between noon and 6pm.

“We very much want local people to get involved. They can help build this ‘Ofrenda’, do Mexican-themed craft activities and meet the artists from Mexico.”

After the Bradford sessions there will be a continuation of All That Lives in Leeds. Cecil Green Arts Space is at 26 Darley Street in Bradford.

The Grief Series asks people to contribute memories and offerings to Ofrendas - shrines inspired by a Mexican tradition. People can commemorate someone special to them, from a family member to a well-known star like David Bowie.

To celebrate Day of the Dead in Mexico, people build Ofrenda shrines to remember friends, family and people of significance.

Ofrendas are brightly coloured displays including tiered tables filled with photographs, flowers, candles, food and significant objects. They can be built in homes, schools, places of work, bars and public squares.

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Over the past two years, Leeds artist Ellie Harrison has travelled to Mexico to research this tradition, exploring a culture honouring death as a part of life and establishing rituals for reconnecting with grief.

For her Bradford and Leeds project, she has invited renowned artists from Mexico’s The Faro De Oriente, Marco Medina, Magnolia Gonzalez, Jonathan Perez and Christian Cruz, for a feast and the viewing of the collaboration.

People can raise a glass of Mezcal, eat from a menu combining choice Leeds and Mexican cuisine, and see sculptures that artists have created with participants from across Yorkshire.

Ellie Harrison is a performance maker and artist living in Leeds and working internationally. Ellie’s work is characterised by a playful and provocative approach to difficult topics, encouraging audiences to make decisions and participate.