A FAIRYTALE was brought to life this month in a South Craven village by children and teenagers from a Silsden dance school.

Children from the Elizabeth Phillips School of Dance recreated the famous story the Elves and the Shoemaker at Glusburn Institute Community and Arts Centre.

They made their annual trip to the popular venue centre to give two performances of the classic tale for family and friends.

The Elves and the Shoemaker made up the first half of the show, while the second half was devoted to songs and dances on the theme of Here Comes Summer.

The Elizabeth Phillips School of Dance plans to donate proceeds of their Friday and Saturday shows to various local children’s charities.

Laura Cook and Hannah Lyons played the Shoemaker and his wife while Rachel Smithies and Eleanor Ackroyd played the pair of elves who helped the couple by making them magic dancing shoes.

Also in leading roles were Ella Hancock (Prince), Molly Chapman (Princess) and Elly Benson (poor lady). Senior students played customers we went along to buy dancing shoes from the Shoemaker.

Elizabeth said: “The second half of the show Here Comes Summer was inspired by our fantastic summer last year and we hope it will be an omen for another great summer this year. “