PLAYING Leeds are Ten Tonnes, King Charles, Pottery and Fudge.

Two Tonnes will perform his “impossibly infectious” alt-pop songs at the Brudenell Social Club on Friday May 10.

The 22-year-old musician last week released his self-titled debut album on which he explores the highs, the lows and the in-betweens of love and relationships.

The contemporary collection of sharp-witted rock ‘n’ roll anthems features the self-deprecating and unlucky-in-love experiences of ‘Better Than Me’ and ‘Born To Lose’.

The album also explores the relatable emotions of a young man who’s eager to experience life outside of his hometown.

King Charles will play Leeds Wardrobe on Sunday May 12, halfway through a campaign of releasing a new track every month on his indie label Buffalo Gang Records.

King Charles, renowned for passionate and energetic live performances promises a night impending thunder and electricity when he performs dark, sleek fables of lost loves and lost minds.

Pottery will be at the Brudenell Social Club on Saturday May 11 as part of the Leeds Gold Sounds Festival.

The Montreal five-piece have an ear for harmony in the eclectic, blending post-punk, dance and vintage pop sounds, influenced by Orange Juice, Josef K and Devo.

Fudge will play Leeds’s Hyde Park Book Club on May 25. The Leeds four-piece features singer Cam, who begins the band’s set by diving into the crowd and clambering onstage to herald a gig full of chaos and energy.