THERE was a time when you could pop into any Becker’s shop and buy a Victoria sandwich, maybe a carrot cake or a coffee and walnut, or something smothered in chocolate.

Today is a very different story.

The Americans have always been known for being ahead of the crowd, always aiming to do things bigger and better.

And sadly what we have seen in recent years is the amalgamation of the two - the word hybrid also comes to mind, being the ‘’in’’ thing nowadays.

There are hybrid cars, hybrid breeds of dogs, and now hybrid baking which I’m sure the public aren’t complaining about.

The do appear to want to try one of these new Frankenstein treats - remember that deep-fried Mars bar!

A ‘’duffin’’ is a mash-up of a muffin and a chuffing doughnut.

This is a clever idea, being a fusion of flavours which probably started from the cronut, an unholy mongrel of a croissant and doughnut that was followed by a whole new galaxy of teatime treats gracing our teatime tables.

There’s also macanut, that marries macaroon and brownie, a townie, tartlet-brownie, dogel, bagel and doughnut... it seems there is money to be made out of these seemingly ungainly inter-mixtures!

Some people will no doubt regard them as an insult to gastronomy, if not to the English language, but food and compound now has a long history.

Do you remember the word ‘’brunch’’ to extend our elevenses?

The proof is always in the pudding for me!

I was willing to sideline the cronut, duffin and their many test-tube siblings that set out to shock and enthral all in one.

But when I had the the opportunity to sample a ‘’duffin’’ I found them delicious, delightful and daring, and I wanted to knock up a batch.

Trying to over-complicate any cake, biscuit or pastry can be a disaster in my book, but to execute multiple techniques in one handy morsel is something to be respected, and to be eaten.

I do wonder what the next portmanteau-baked item will be, as the baking world seems complicated enough these days!

I decided I must invent one... so I did, making fruited scones and Eccles cakes at work the other day... the marriage of ‘’frekle’’ came to mind.

This regrettably exists only in my imagination for now - but watch this space, could the frekle be a new kid on the block?