CHUCKLES are guaranteed at the latest triple-header night at Keighley Comedy Club.

Chris Kent, Markus Birdman and Carla Pol will perform sets on Sunday May 12 at the regular venue, the Café Choux Choux Keighley railway station.

And there’ll be added laughter from Phil Ellis and he takes on the role of master of ceremonies when doors open at 7pm.

The witty, hip, silly and controversial Markus will tell tall-tales of shooting puffins, Korean lullabies, tickling Germans, and how to remove a python from your foot.

According to his publicity, Markus Birdman lost all three of his parents at an early age when they leapt from a hot air balloon wearing parakeets.

A spokesman said: “His father left a good-bye note saying he would miss them. Sadly this proved not to be the case when he landed smack bang on top of Markus’s elder brother.

“Maybe you saw Markus lose the BBC and Daily Telegraph New Act 2001 finals, or in Avalon’s Comedy Zone 2002, or in Francesca Martinez’s ‘I’m Perfect’ 2002.

“You didn’t see him at the Melbourne Comedy Festival 2003, because you don’t have that kind of life. You might have caught him winning the SpikeFest New Act of the Year 2001, if you lived nearby.”

Chris Kent, from Cork, set out to be an electrician but now prefers to generate sparks of laughter as one of Ireland’s fastest-rising young comedians.

His sharp style preys on his own everyday life, and his sometimes brutal self-deprecation made him one of the Top Five Irish Comedians in Hot Press Magazine in 2013.

His 2015 Edinburgh Fringe run brought him to the attention of a much wider audience across the UK.

Deliciously unhinged, Phil Ellis promises entirely unique performances full of maverick charm, easy banter and good-humoured fun, with fresh and thrilling performances that are different every time due to his ability to think on his feet.

Visit to book £9 advance tickets. Tickets cost £2 on the door subject to availability.