A BUNCH of Amateurs promise a charm-filled slice of the Fifties in Bingley this month.

Bingley Little Theatre will present Ealing Comedy-style play A Bunch of Amateurs at Bingley Arts Centre from May 27 to June 1.

David Templeton’s imaginative direction promises excellent performances and a farcical plot mixing simplicity and implausibility.

The Hollywood action hero Jefferson Steele is in truth a washed-up, ageing and massively egotistical faded actor.

Desperate to revive his career, he eagerly accepts an invitation from his sleazy Hollywood agent for him to appear on the British stage.

Jefferson believes he’s landed the role of a lifetime – playing King Lear at Stratford-on-Avon – but in reality it’s the sleepy village of Stratford St John in rural Suffolk.

The Little Barn Theatre Company are striving to prevent the loss of community theatre in their barn.

A Bingley Little Theatre spokesman said: “The plot unfolds as the clash of cultures between the motley crew of amateurs and their ‘star’ fuels the comic complications.

“The fish-out-of-water tries to come to terms not only with the deterioration of his career but his poor relationship with his daughter, an aspiring actress on the fringes of the New York theatre.

“But, in the redemptive power of the theatre, this monstrous, vain, big-headed and essentially insecure hero transitions to humble actor, happy to play with the Brits.”

Playing Jefferson Steele is Glenn Boldy, last seen in Bingley playing the lead in Hobson’s Choice.

He is joined by his wife Julie and other well-known Bingley actors, including Alice Smithson.

Call 01274 567983 to book tickets for the play.