STRONGMEN came to the aid of regular volunteers giving a new lease of life to an Oakworth graveyard.

The team who are clearing and cleaning the cemetery in Dockroyd Lane needed help lifting fallen gravestones.

A request was posted social media for some strong men to go join the latest clean-up day.

His call was answered by Tahir Hussain and his team from LifecareUK, as well as Ash Waligura and Liam Mitchell from Frank’s Gym.

Andrew Heaton, who owns the land, said: “Access for lifting gear is extremely limited so muscle power was the only solution.

“The ‘Muscle Men of Dockroyd’, together with support from a cheering crowd of onlookers, achieved a great deal of progress in a short space of time.

“The event attracted the attention of BBC Look North who sent a cameraman along and reported the event on the evening’s programme.”

Mr Heaton said many volunteers were helping the Dockroyd Graveyard Restoration Project, enabling it to reach a turning point.

He said: “Having spent the last 100 days and over 1,000 “volunteer hours” clearing ivy, briars and self-seeded trees and bushes, attention has turned to making all the gravestones safe and readable.

“I’d like to thank all those who have helped during the project and invite anyone who wishes to help to turn up on a Saturday. There are jobs to do for everyone.”

Earlier this year Mr Heaton reported that war memorials had been uncovered by the restoration work.

Undergrowth has been cleared from five gravestones in the Dockroyd Lane cemtery featuring inscriptions about soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Mr Heaton added: “A significant achievement has been the uncovering of the Commonwealth war grave memorials, which commemorate people who lost their lives in the First and Second World Wars.”

Mr Heaton had previously written about these memorials in his history book, called Heatons of Worth.