DISTRICT health chiefs are urging parents of children with asthma to ensure inhalers feature in ‘summer holiday kits’.

Dr Katherine Hickman, a GP and clinical lead for respiratory health at NHS Bradford district and Craven clinical commissioning groups, said it was easy to fall out of routines during the holiday period.

“All children with asthma are at risk during the summer holidays – when their condition can turn into a ticking time bomb,” she said.

“Many young people get out of the routine of taking their daily asthma medication during the summer and this – combined with cold and flu bugs when the weather changes, which are known asthma triggers – puts them at higher risk of having a life-threatening asthma attack when they go back to school.

“If you’re the parent or carer of a child with asthma, please make sure they have their inhalers with them when they go out to play or when you go on holiday.”

Dr Hickman said parents should ensure their child uses their brown, preventer inhaler every day as prescribed.

This helps calm inflammation in the airways and prevents an asthma attack if the person comes into contact with one of their triggers.

Children should also have their reliever inhaler with them when they go out in case they start experiencing symptoms.

Dr Hickman added: “If your child is using their reliever inhaler – which is usually blue coloured – three or more times a week, coughing or wheezing at night or feeling out of breath and struggling to keep up with their friends, book an urgent appointment with their GP.

“Asthma is a serious condition and when it isn’t managed well, can lead to attacks and being admitted to hospital.”