TRUMPET ace Miguel Gorodi will perform at Jazz at Heart, Leeds, on October 12 following the release of his debut album Apophenia.

The album features original compositions he wrote for his group featuring leading British musicians like Gareth Lockrane, Michael Chillingworth and Kieran McLeod.

Gorodi is inspired by jazz musicians such as Steve Coleman, Steve Lehman, Tyshawn Sorey, Thelonious Monk and Wayne Shorter, as well as the classical composers Louis Andriessen, Gérard Grisey, Per Nørgård and Stravinsky.

He uses these musical influences to communicate existential themes of ‘meaning making’, the absurd, angst and free will.

He said: “I have become fascinated by how apophenia, a process of meaning making, fits into the existentialist idea that life has no objective meaning, purpose or intrinsic value, and that we must create our own.

“I believe engaging with art is helpful in fostering a fulfilling life.”