IT’S ironic that this month as part of Libraries Week Keighley Library is celebrating the life of its founder, Andrew Carnegie, and his wife Louise (whose idea it was!), whilst at the same time Bradford Council is pressing ahead with its plans to cut the budget to libraries, museums and galleries by 65 per cent - without proper public consultation.

I’m sure Andrew and Louise Carnegie would turn in their graves if they knew! (not to mention Ian Dewhirst!).  Unfortunately, we no longer have such wealthy, far-sighted benefactors: just a strapped-for-cash, short-sighted council who waste our money on vanity projects, such as this bid for the City of Culture award!

Quite how they hope to achieve that with such swingeing cuts is beyond me!

But then they’re not interested in my opinion, nor that of any of the people they purport to represent.

HELEN BROADHEAD Milford Place, Bradford

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