PEOPLE are being invited to ‘Pause for Keighley’.

A silent gathering is taking place every Thursday – between noon and 12.15pm – at Towngate, near Keighley Bus Station.

Behind the initiative is Keighley parish and United Keighley.

“This act of silent solidarity is a response to how despairing many of us have become about our politics,” said Cherry Connolly, from Keighley parish.

The Rev Dr Jonathan Pritchard, town chaplain and chairman of United Keighley, said: “It feels like it’s becoming increasingly hard to hear each other. We all speak into our own echo chambers.

“If you think what we have in common is more important than what divides us, then let’s start by coming together in silence and solidarity. We have to start somewhere.

“I have faith that there is a better way to live well with differences. Let’s start here.”

And the Rev Natasha Thomas, curate of Keighley parish, said: “Silently sharing the same space like this is a powerful witness.”

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