ORGANISERS of Haworth’s popular annual Nativity Walks arelooking for people to play key characters.

Each year the village’s Churches Together organisation stages the Christmas story as the characters walk up the village’s Main Street.

They start from the Christmas tree at the bottom of the hill and finish by the gates of Haworth Parish Church. As the procession makes its way up the hill the Nativity story is told, and carols are sung at scheduled stops.

The procession is headed by a donkey led by Joseph and carrying Mary. The churches are this month looking for young people to play both roles. Anyone interested should call the Rev Chris Upton on 07976 287117.

Every year the Nativity Walks attracts large numbers of people, and anyone who goes along can dress as angels or shepherds. This year’s walks are on Saturday and Sunday, December 21 and 22 at 2pm.

A spokesman said: “ Various real innkeepers and shopkeepers are primed to meet Joseph and Mary along the way and tell them that there is no room for them as they pass by.”