Here, Keighley and Ilkley's newly-elected Conservative MP, Robbie Moore, outlines his hopes and aims for the constituency:

THERE is no hiding the fact that the last few years in politics have been deeply frustrating, as parliament has been snarled up, at a crossroads, and at odds with the general public on Brexit. Time and time again on the doorstep, in the run up to the election, people were telling me that they had become disheartened with politicians, and perhaps more worryingly, people seemed disenfranchised with democracy altogether.

The year ahead looks bright, and 2020 undoubtedly brings with it, a new, fresh and revitalised start. The general election has brought clarity, and a clear instruction that democracy must be listened to, and thus Brexit must be delivered – my first vote as your MP, just before Christmas, was to vote for the European Union Withdrawal Agreement.

But it isn’t all about Brexit, as there is so much more to do regarding our exciting domestic agenda, and locally, right here, improving things in Keighley and Ilkley.

As your new MP, I am incredibly grateful to all who put their faith in me to represent our constituency and deliver on the pledges I made throughout the campaign. Your trust is not taken for granted, and I will work tirelessly around the clock for all constituents. There is so much to do, and it is with enthusiasm, energy and commitment that I am rolling up my sleeves and getting on with the job.

Like, getting more police back on the streets to tackle drug crime, theft and anti-social behaviour. Overseeing the build of the new police station in Keighley town centre and interacting with West Yorkshire Police about improving police presence in Ilkley.

Improving school standards across Keighley and creating more school places, particularly for SEND provision in Ilkley, so that every child across the constituency has the very best start in life.

We need better access to doctors when it matters most, so I will work with local providers to ensure more appointments at local surgeries and more out-of-hours facilities. I will also campaign for more investment into the Airedale General and the Coronation Hospital by working with local NHS decision makers, lobbying for a fair share of extra Government funds.

Keighley's town centre needs revitalising so it can be a place residents and businesses can be proud of, so I’ll work with businesses and local organisations to bring empty shops back into use.

Ilkley's new parking policy introduced by Labour-run Bradford Council needs urgent reform. The current structure is bad for local businesses and a headache for residents.

I will interact with the Environment Agency and continue campaigning against the incinerator being located at Marley.

Crippling traffic congestion across the constituency needs ending with new road improvements, and the pedestrian footbridge over the dual carriageway between Silsden and Steeton needs building.

But, I will always put the interests of Keighley and Ilkley first. That's why I support the campaign for Keighley and Ilkley to leave Bradford Council. For many years, we have seen the Labour-run council administration prioritise its spending within its Bradford city centre heartlands at the expense of the outlying areas. Speaking with many residents from across the constituency, it is clear people are fed up being treated as Bradford’s cash cow, whilst seeing ‘bad’ Bradford decision making having a detrimental impact on our area.

Only recently, we have seen the Tourist Information Centre close in Haworth, but yet the equivalent remains open in Bradford city centre despite Haworth receiving 18,000 more visitors per annum. Ilkley residents and local businesses are now exposed to a badly thought through and costly parking scheme. Silsden is bearing the brunt of new, additional housing, with no expenditure on local infrastructure, and Keighley feels forgotten as Bradford Council prioritises our council tax spending within Bradford city centre.

I have previously pledged my support to the growing campaign for the Shipley Constituency and the Keighley and Ilkley Constituency areas to split from Bradford Council and form our own local authority. I look forward to working with Shipley MP Philip Davies by exploring the possibility in more detail and championing the campaign over the months ahead.

So, there is lots to do. The above is only a snippet of all the projects which I would like to get involved with during the early months of 2020. So, as your servant, I look forward to help problem solve, think big and be ambitious for our area. Let’s unleash our potential and help make Keighley and Ilkley a better place for us all to live, work and thrive.