GRAPHIC film showing a naked man as he was being beaten to death was shown to a murder trial jury at Bradford Crown Court yesterday.

Prosecutor Richard Wright QC warned the panel that the mobile phone clips of Mohammed Feazan Ayaz were “shocking and upsetting.”

The six videos and one still photograph were taken when Mr Ayaz, known as Fizzy, was lying on the floor at the Denholme Business Centre in Halifax Road, Denholme.

He is stripped naked, bleeding and being attacked and urinated on.

Mr Ayaz’s body was found dumped in Saffron Drive, Allerton, Bradford, in the early hours of July 1 last year.

The jury also saw CCTV footage from the business centre of him being dragged out wrapped in a curtain.

Mr Ayaz, 20, of Duckworth Grove, Manningham, Bradford, was tortured, humiliated and beaten for entertainment,” it is alleged.

On trial denying his murder are: Suleman Khan, 20, of Sandford Road, Bradford Moor, Bradford; Robert Wainwright, 26, of Mannville Terrace, Bradford City Centre; Junaid Hussain, 28, of Silverhill Road, Bradford Moor; Raheel Khan, 27, of no fixed address; and Stephen Queeney, 34, of Junction Row, Bolton Road, Bradford.

Shaoib Shafiq, 20, of Gladstone Street, Bradford Moor, and a 17-year-old Bradford youth, who cannot be named because of his age, plead not guilty to assisting an offender.

The video clips of Mr Ayaz being tortured and beaten were recovered from Raheel Khan’s phone that was hidden in a garden in Barkerend Road, Bradford, the jury has heard.

They showed alcohol being poured on to Mr Ayaz, Wainwright urinating on him and Raheel Khan taking him in a choke hold until he became unconscious. There was also a still image of Mr Ayaz lying naked on the floor.

The jury has heard that a man called Akaash Rafiq was present in Unit 2 at the business centre at the time of the killing. He was not a defendant in the case because the police had been unable to find him.

CCTV from the business centre showed Mr Ayaz arriving at 8.32pm carrying two bottles.

At 10.15pm, he is seen leaving Unit 2 looking unsteady on his feet and colliding with the walls.

“Accepting that he had been smoking cannabis and drinking alcohol, his appearance and condition is markedly worse than when he had entered the Unit that evening,” Mr Wright said.

After Mr Ayaz had left, he made a “fateful and ultimately fatal decision to turn around and go back into the building,” Mr Wright continued.

Suleman Khan is then caught on camera attacking Mr Ayaz in the corridor and he is dragged into Unit 2.

Later, Stephen Queeney and Akaash Rafiq carry mops and buckets into the building.

“There was obviously a lot of cleaning up required given the severity of the injuries to Feazan and the sustained and determined nature of the attack upon him,” Mr Wright said.

Mr Ayaz’s body was transported to Saffron Drive in a grey Ford S Max in convoy with a black Smart Car.

The court that the pathologist noted 70 sites of injury on Mr Ayaz, indicating that he had been “punched, slapped, kicked or stamped upon.”

He also had lacerations to his ear, chest and buttock.

“What had killed him was a massive head injury caused by the effect of so many blows being levelled at his head and face,” Mr Wright said.

Raheel Khan told the police he knew Fizzy and they were close. He gave him a phone that contained videos of Raheel Khan having sex with a number of women.

“Fizzy had threatened Raheel Khan that he would let these videos get out. This he (Khan) said was the root of the problem that existed between them,” Mr Wright said.

The jury heard that Raheel Khan’s defence was anticipated to be that Mr Ayaz was drunk and aggressive and goaded Akaash into hitting him.

When he was dragged back into the Unit, Khan will say that Mr Ayaz threatened to release the videos of him having sex. He lost his temper and decided to humiliate him.

Raheel Khan has admitted manslaughter but says he did not intend to cause Mr Ayaz really serious injury.

Suleman Khan is expected to say the only violence he used on Mr Ayaz was in the corridor.

Wainwright is anticipated to claim he was present in the Unit but either asleep or smoking cannabis during most of the attack.

Junaid Hussain will say he did not use any violence on Mr Ayaz and was generally in the TV room at the time.

Queeney’s defence is that he did not assault Mr Ayaz or assist or encourage anyone else to do so.

Shafiq will claim he drove off with the body in the boot because he was frightened to refuse to assist.

The youth will say he played no part in the removal of the body and was frightened by “the violent men present that night.”

The trial continues.