KEIGHLEY Goth rock legends Skeletal Family are recording demos for their first album featuring new singer Hannah Small. The band are this month due to appear on Internet TV in Manchester.

Skeletals musician Roger “Trotwood” Nowell said: “Hopefully we will soon be down to the studio to record four new tracks out of the demos we have already done. We recently played Manchester Night People and Dublin Thomas House. Hannah has been accepted by the fans, even bringing new ones.”

Meanwhile the Elements, the early 1980s band that morphed into Skeletal Family, will play the Exchange in Keighley on April 10 following their successful reunion late last year. They will be joined by Teenage and the Wildlife, the band with legendary frontman Daz, and that last played in the early years of the 1980s. There are rumours that Softer Ride could also reform.

Trotwood, a founder of the Elements, is looking at reuniting half a dozen bands from the era to play a big concert at Victoria Hall.