POLICE are warning motorbike owners to be on their guard following a spate of thefts in the Keighley area.

Advice has been issued by West Yorkshire Police after a number of machines were taken.

A spokesman said: “An unsecured motorcycle, scooter or moped is an easy target for a thief as they are relatively lightweight and can be wheeled away and lifted into a waiting vehicle. Please follow the advice and share it with any friends or family with bikes.”

Tips include: If your motorbike or scooter doesn’t already have one, get a Thatcham or Sold Secure-approved electronic immobiliser professionally fitted

* Secure your motorbike to a solid object that can’t be moved and always fit a steering lock

* Audible alarms should be used where possible

* When not using your machine, put it in a garage or a secure outbuilding with a fixed or ground anchor

For more advice, visit westyorkshire.police.uk/advice/vehicles-cycles/vehicle-crime/motorbike-and-scooter-security.