IT was gratifying to read the message from our mayor, Councillor Peter Corkindale, in last week's Keighley News.

He presented a well-considered and appropriate statement for these difficult times. It clearly showed he knows and cares about our town and the communities therein. He has been an outstanding mayor and has joined in so much community activity. From litter cleaning, remaking paths to dancing with our young people at Keighley Pride, which was a pleasure to see. Well done, Mr Mayor.

The statement by the new MP Robbie Moore was bland, without imagination and a regurgitation of Government information. It is clear to me he has little knowledge about this town and appears to be a total career politician. When is he going to stand up for Keighley and acknowledge he is the town's MP?

Both are from the same political party, but what a difference. Peter Corkindale has true local interest whilst the MP has shown little if any real interest.

If our LGBTQ community requires help or advice, it won't be the MP we turn to but good local politicians like our mayor.

HELEN HALLAM Secretary, Keighley LGBTQ group

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