FREEDOM Studios this month releases its apocalyptic drama North Country as a streaming video and a radio play. The Bradford theatre company will also make the play accessible for free to community radio stations.

The 2016 production of Tajinder Singh Hayer’s Country explored the lives of three young people from Bradford as they dealt with the aftermath of a devastating plague.

Together and separately they struggle to survive, each bringing together their people and their communities as they try to remake their world. But their biggest challenge comes from within.

After the play’s successful run in 2016 Freedom Studios piloted their first-ever live stream on Facebook, and as a result of its popularity they continued to explore the technology.

Their recent production of BD Stories was broadcast from a hotel in Bradford on March 18, just before the UK lockdown came into place.

Rather than simply live-casting a stage show, the stream of North Country was directed and performed specifically with and for mobile devices, with a solely online audience.  

BD Stories, which featured two short plays by Asma Elbadawi and Aina J Khan, developed that technology further in a specially-designed app for live digital performance. 

Visit at to watch North Country from April 23 to May 7. An audio version is on BCB Radio at 3pm on April 23.