STEWART Lee is planning to head out on tour this summer with appearances including St George’s Hall.

He is due to perform his latest show Snowflake/Tornado at the Bradford concert hall on June 20 – promising two separate 60-minute sets of stand-up comedy.

The back-to-back doublebill comes from the man hailed by The Times newspaper as “the world’s greatest living stand-up”.

Tornado questions Stew’s position in the comedy marketplace after Netflix mistakenly listed him as ‘reports of sharks falling from the skies are on the rise again. Nobody on the Eastern Seaboard is safe’.

Snowflake questions Stew’s worth in a society demolishing the liberal values he has been keen to espouse in a fairytale landscape of winter wonder.

Writing in The Sun, Tony Parsons described Stewart Lee as a “pot-bellied Bernard Manning for snowflakes”.

Visit to book tickets. Telephone booking is not available at present.