A FIVE-year-old Keighley girl has been hiding painted rocks around her neighbourhood to help cheer up local residents.

Minnie Wilson painted the stones so they could be found by other children living in the Wheathead, Westburn, Fell Lane and Exley Head areas.

She took inspiration from people who been painting rocks in a similar way, in particular Keighley woman Jane Spencer.

Jane started painting #keepsafe NHS rainbow stones one afternoon during the lockdown and posted photographs on the Exley Head and Wheathead Facebook page.

Jane said: "Immediately I received lovely comments and was thrilled to paint more. This is where Minnie comes into the story.  Minnie's huge smile and her pride shines through and we became friends through stones.  "Although we haven't met through the lockdown, when we do, Minnie and myself will have a brilliant stone painting session together. Minnie's painting just rocks!"

Minnie told fellow pupils about her efforts on the Facebook page of Beckfoot Nessfield Primary School.

Her proud mum Lisa said: "Lots of boys and girls are going out every day to find the rocks and move them on for others to find.

"Minnie is really enjoying doing this and is happy to see others taking enjoyment in finding them and re-hiding them.

"The rocks take a few days to complete but all the ideas are her own, and even some other children are now taking inspiration from her and painting their own."

When Minnie has passed the homes of elderly people, some of them waved at her so she left rocks in their garden as a present.

Lisa added: "I think she is such a kind-hearted little girl for thinking about doing this for others during the lockdown, and I’m very proud of her."

When a child finds one of the rocks, they are asked to post a picture on Facebook before moving it on for someone else to find.