A COUNCILLOR has called for consideration from people passing each other in Silsden’s main street following reports that some are flouting social distancing rules.

Cllr Rebecca Whitaker said everyone had to take responsibility so that people can walk safely in both directions along Kirkgate or queue outside shops.

She said: “It is apparent that a minority of people are making no effort whatsoever when passing other pedestrians and shoppers.

“Everyone needs to adopt a sensible approach. A pleasant thank you, a wave of a hand or a nod of head goes a long way in acknowledging those that step to one side to let others go past.

Cllr Whitaker, who sits on Bradford and Silsden councils, spoke after Bradford Council erected signs in Kirkgate advising people which direction to walk in.

She and fellow Craven ward councillor Adrian Naylor last week walked around Silsden with a senior highways officer to suggest places where the signage could be tweaked.

They suggested adaptations including extra pavement markings and high-visibility red signs advising ‘Covid 19-Keep/Stay Apart’, because some townspeople claim existing signs are too small to be seen.

Cllr Whitaker added: “There have been mixed reactions to the initial signs which have been put up by highways, some residents have welcomed them and some not.

“Hopefully the additional signage will add a little more clarity and act as a reminder when people are out and about in the busier parts of the town.”

Cllr Whitaker said she and Cllr Naylor proposed the removal of two parking spaces near Rowlands Pharmacy so people could step into the road to pass people queueing on the pavement for the pharmacy.

She said: “Barriers would be put in place which will allow other passers-by to walk around those queuing at a safe distance.”

The councillors have also asked for free parking in the nearby Wesley Place and Bridge Road car parks for people visiting shops in central Silsden.

Cllr Whitaker added: “Local businesses have been badly hit by the Covid crisis and we must do everything possible to help them.

“Some older residents and those who have been shielding are starting to venture out for the first time and some are reliant on their cars to do this.”

The council allows NHS workers to use the car parks for free.