THE owner of a Keighley-district pub says its customers have enjoyed using a new order-at-the-table sticker system after recording a strong reopening weekend.

The Marquis of Granby, in Hospital Road, Riddlesden, is using a new way of ordering drinks at its site where customers just need to use their smartphone at their table.

Sticky, a tech start-up that makes it possible for anyone with a smartphone to order without downloading an extra app and pay by just tapping a sticker, worked with pubs and restaurants on the Super Saturday opening to help staff and guests remain Covid-secure.

Simon Hopla, owner of The Marquis of Granby, says the new sticker system has proved popular with punters.

He said: “We had a good first day on Saturday although I was a bit apprehensive before it began.

“We have lost a few tables indoors due to social distancing, but we have an outdoor area.

“When James Garner from Sticky approached us I thought it was a good idea.

“The orders from the tables come straight through to the iPad at the bar. We are going to keep it even when things get back to normal.

“Even when we are out of lockdown it will take a lot of congestion away from the bar.

“Our takings were up to what we were used to on a Saturday pre-lockdown even. We took over the pub in August/September last year.

“Our customers love being able to order from their table without having to download an app or sign up for a third party service.

“They just tap the sticker, order and pay.

“Because the stickers reflect our pub’s unique identity, we were able to strengthen our customer relationships whilst making it safer and more convenient to eat and drink in areas which would otherwise be difficult to service.

“Our outdoor areas no longer need card machines which have an upfront cost and monthly fee.

“Customers also pay before we serve their drinks, completely avoiding the famous ‘walk away’ problem in areas that can’t be constantly serviced.”

Meanwhile, Brighouse-based Sticky was also able to gather data on what the nation was eager to order when they were given the chance post-lockdown.

The top-selling pints were Coors, Carling, Pravha, Doom Bar and Yorkshire Blonde.

Mr Garner, founder and chief executive of Sticky, said: “The new normal is not something that happens by itself - it’s a future created by pub owners and technology companies working together.

“We are so proud to have played a part in reopening hospitality with our contactless stickers and technology.”