ONE in three parents in the region could be driving their children around on dangerous tyres, a survey has found.

Online research carried out by YouGov reveals that only about a third of parents from Yorkshire, who drive a car and have children aged 18 and under, check their tyres every three months or less.

And some never check their tyres at all.

The survey was commissioned by Protyre, as part of Tyre Safety Month.

Other findings included that parents regularly check more-visible aspects of safety around the car, such as seatbelts and child seats, than the tyres.

And when carrying out checks just before setting-off on a journey, as many parents felt that ensuring their child had been to the toilet was as important as checking the tyres.

Simon Hiorns, Protyre retail director, said: “These findings are very alarming and raise concerns about how much the public is taking on board the importance of tyre safety.

“As part of Tyre Safety Month, we want to remind parents and motorists generally that tyre safety is just as important as things like seatbelts and child car seats.

“It’s extremely concerning that parents are failing to carry out frequent and adequate enough checks on their tyres.”

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