MUD on the roads is sparking anger.

North Yorkshire County Council, whose domain includes South Craven, has received a number of complaints.

Now the authority is warning farmers and drivers of construction vehicles about their responsibilities.

They are required by law to carry out a number of measures, including the removal of excess mud before taking to the road, keeping to low speeds and cleaning roads where necessary – and always at the end of the working day.

County Councillor Don Mackenzie, executive member for highways, said: “Every year we face problems with mud and other debris deposited on our roads. We recognise that most farmers and operators of construction vehicles act responsibly, but unfortunately there are some that break the law.

“We would like to remind farmers and contractors of their responsibilities. If mud results in personal injury, damage to property, loss or inconvenience, civil action can occur. It can constitute a public nuisance and result in a negligence claim.”