HAVING read in the Keighley News about the town planners objecting to the new Aldi development, I could not agree more with the mayor of Keighley Councillor Corkindale’s comments.

What in the name of common sense is going through the minds of these objectors?

The area of proposed development is a disgrace and has been for some considerable time. If the planners wish to make it "fit in" with the local ambience of the area, it may well suit to leave it as it is.

In such a state it would fit in nicely with the ruin adjacent to the Aldi store, the crumbling mess of the Victoria Hotel building and – although a short distance away in North Street – the lovely facades of premises such as the Kitchen Kraft and TV (vacant for years) stores, the vacant and slowly rotting fabric of the Star public house and the nearby similar ex-hostelry in High Street. Yes I am sure your readers and I could relate to many more and I would suggest the town planners get off their backsides and walk around Keighley to rectify such eyesores before making inane comments regarding a development that for a certain area would improve it dramatically.

These people should really grow-up and act in a responsible manner!

Perhaps if they were seeking proper employment they would be grateful to Aldi for the opportunity to gain such.


Marsh, Oxenhope

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