A PROFESSIONAL film has been produced in support of a campaign to protect Silsden’s landscape.

Silsden’s Green Ring, which will be released later this month, celebrates the town’s flora and fauna and the “richness and diversity” of its natural environment.

There is a particular emphasis on ancient fields and footpaths that link Brown Bank Lane with the hamlets of Brunthwaite and Swartha.

The film was commissioned by Silsden Campaign for the Countryside.

Campaign chairman, Mark Wogden, said: “We have seen from the very first edit of the film that it will be a stunning depiction of a district so beloved of Silsden residents.

“Incredibly, these fields remain on the ‘reserved’ list for housing development – likely at any moment to be the subject of planning applications.

“Our film shows exactly why this important stretch of local landscape must be saved for future generations.”

Silsden’s Green Ring has been produced by professional film-maker Liam JM Wilson, who was brought-up in the town.

It features local people, of all ages, talking about their love of – and connections with – the landscape.

The pastures’ biodiversity, in particular the tree-scape, is examined and the popularity of footpaths illustrated.

Also, Silsden Local History Group chairman David Mason – who has researched the land back to its medieval farming days – adds a historical perspective.

Mr Wogden says that under normal circumstances the film would be launched with a big community event but due to the current Covid restrictions it will instead be released – on a date to be announced – via social media platforms and will be available on the website of countryside charity CPRE.

He added: “No doubt members of the campaign committee will hold their own individual film premieres on the day, raising a glass to the impact it will have.”