CALLS are being made for new safety measures at a beauty spot following the death of a teenager.

The 14-year-old boy died in an incident at Goit Stock waterfall, near Cullingworth, on Tuesday.

Emergency services were alerted following reports of someone in the water.

Police, a mountain rescue crew, ambulances and fire engines – plus the air ambulance – all attended.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “Police were called just after 6pm to reports of a concern for safety at Goit Stock waterfall off Hallas Lane, Cullingworth.

“A 14-year-old male had entered the water.

“Emergency services attended and recovered a body from the water.

“There are not thought to be any suspicious circumstances and a file has been prepared for the coroner.”

Councillor Naveed Riaz, of the Bingley Rural ward, expressed his condolences to the boy’s friends and family, calling the incident "a tragedy".

Cllr Riaz added that people should take “extra precautions” when visiting areas like Goit Stock and that lessons must be learned.

“I offer my condolences to the boy’s family and friends. It’s a very tragic death," he said.

“Last year, there were a number of deaths, across the UK, from drowning.

“I think we all need to learn from this, we should take extra precaution and we all need to think sensibly.

“I saw queues of cars near Goit Stock that day. With the nice weather, a lot of people were going there.

“The dilemma we are faced with is that the area is privately owned. Therefore, for Bradford Council and the police, their hands are virtually tied.

“We have to ensure that we act responsibly. At our next meeting, after the elections, we are hoping to campaign for more signs in the area and we will see if we can work with the landlord, in the hope that we can implement some more safety measures at Goit Stock which will hopefully stop things like this from happening.

"I would like to thank the emergency services for what they did.

“They were on the scene straightaway.

“They tried to do everything they could, but unfortunately they couldn’t save the boy.”

Councillor Paul Sullivan, also of the Bingley Rural ward, added that the teenager’s death represents a “tragic loss”.

He echoed some of the same concerns raised by Cllr Riaz, arguing that more safety measures needed to be put in place in the area.

“It’s a tragic loss and it’s very sad news,” he said.

“Myself and others have been working with the landowners and the police, who are battling with scarce resources.

“The main problem came about when there was a big advertisement last summer encouraging people to go there, and the bottom line is, they are still coming."

Cllr Sullivan said he had even taken to patrolling the area.

“I know from my dealings last year, during the first lockdown, there were people coming there from as far away as Manchester,” he said.

“I did some patrols to see for myself, and there were literally hundreds of people there at times.

“I just want to say that I extend my condolences to the family and the friends of this young man.

“This is an absolutely tragic loss, and it’s very sad that someone so young has died.”