Bradford Council has pulled its support for a village trials bike park - because of a staff shortage.

Steeton with Eastburn parish councillors reacted with fury to the decision and intend to send a letter of complaint to the chief executive.

The planned skills area for trial bikers on Eastburn playing field has been campaigned for by youngsters for months.

Campaign leader Shelley Smith, 15, first raised the idea with Steeton with Eastburn Parish Council after trial bikers were banned from riding on Addingham moor early in 2007.

The parish council was relying on technical support from Bradford Council parks and landscapes office to help draw up plans and the local authority was also going to help drain the playing fields.

But now the parks and landscapes team, which has attended meetings about the park, has told the parish council it can no longer provide technical support due to a staff shortage.

Parish council chairman Lorraine Harding said: "Parks and landscapes have dropped us in it. They have let us down - apparently they have a shortage of technical support staff on the ground.

"It has been six months and they were meant to be putting it out to tender but they have done nothing. They have delayed the project."

Cllr Gladys Emmott said: "These children want something and it wants to be going on now, something needs to be done."

Cllr John Hargreaves said: "I think it is disgusting."

Shelley said: "I am annoyed, because all my time and effort has been wasted.

"I am still hoping that it will go through, especially for when it gets to summer and we will want to be outside."

The parish council now plans to recruit the services of Bradford Community Environment Project to continue with the skills area.

A Bradford Council spokesman said: "We are currently working on a number of projects which have secured funding and tight deadlines and - as a result we have had to reprioritise our work programme accordingly.