NEW data reveals where across the Keighley district home sellers have been cutting their prices the most.

Property Solvers has tracked transactions over the past year, between August 2020 and this month.

The results show average differences between asking prices on Rightmove and the actual sale figures lodged at HM Land Registry.

Biggest discounts were seen in the BD22 postcode area, where prices were reduced by an average of £5,999 – or 3.82 per cent.

In the BD21 area, home sellers dropped their prices by an average of £4,128 – or 3.64 per cent.

Ruban Selvanayagam, for Property Solvers, said: “Despite what has been a very active market, homebuyers are still – by and large – able to negotiate down on prices.

“There is also wider evidence of surveyors down-valuing properties that are misaligned with the realities. This means that properties end-up selling for lower than the original estate-agent price estimation. For sellers, before listing, we always suggest looking at the widely available free data from HM Land Registry which tracks the prices properties are sold for.”