A MUSIC entrepreneur from East Morton is planning to take a tour promoting peace to Israel and Palestine.

Sabir Hussain, known as Saby Khan, is in talks with Jewish and Muslim community leaders about the initiative.

"It's important to break down barriers," he said.

"The Abrahamic Unity Tour would promote peace in the territories."

The venture would include a fundraising concert in Tel Aviv in support of disabled Palestinian and Israeli children.

"We have had a lot of interest from both Israeli and Palestinian musicians and rappers," said Saby.

He stresses the importance of different faiths getting together for events.

"I was recently invited to a Jewish Hanukkah service at Bradford Synagogue on behalf of the Bradford and Keighley Muslim community," he said.

"I'd like to thank Suzie Cree and the Rothschild family from Bradford Synagogue for inviting me as an honorary guest to the menorah candle-lighting during this important Jewish week."

He is also involved in activities with the New York-based Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee and the Muslim Jewish Forum in Manchester.

For his efforts to promote young talent on British Asian Radio, Saby has received a Points of Light Award from the Prime Minister and an Unsung Hero Award.